SMALL Business Law

Business law is a large body of law encompassing all issues related to starting, operating, and running a business, which includes issues such as how to form the business entity (e.g. incorporation), drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements, acquiring and protecting intellectual property rights, complying with labor and employment laws, and even working through real estate transactions and land use ordinances.

While large businesses and Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of devoting a different department to each of these different issues, small business owners often must “wear all the hats” and face the unique challenge of personally handling all of these issues—from marketing and advertising, to sales, to even book keeping and accounting—without the assistance of support staff or an in-house legal team.

At E. Johnson Law, we act as general counsel and overall Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to small business needs, providing our clients with personalized solutions for all their business needs—whether they relate to setting up a business entity, drafting contracts, filing a trademark application, initiating or defending against lawsuits, or even sending simple demand letters. Some of the more frequent services we provide include the following: 

Business Formation
Intellectual Property
Restaurant & Bar Law