Business Law

Business law is a large body of law governing all issues related to business and commercial transactions, including transactional law and the formation of business entities (e.g. incorporation), corporate law (i.e. the law governing corporations), contracts, cyber law, intellectual property, employment law, land use, real estate law, and the sale of goods. At Johnson Law, we will assist you with the following areas of business law:


Business Formation

Businesses can be formed in several different ways, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership (e.g. GP, LP, and LLP), limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. Each business form has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, including limited liability, tax considerations, control of the enterprise, ease of forming and selling the enterprise, etc. At Johnson Law, we are knowledgeable about the formation of business entities, and will assist you in selecting and forming the most advantageous form of business, given your unique needs and goals. (See also Startup Companies below.)


Corporate Law

As distinguished from the more generic term, “business law,” corporate law refers to the body of law specifically governing corporations (as opposed to other forms of business entities, such as partnerships and LLCs), which generally includes the interactions between a corporation and its various stakeholders, such as shareholders, directors, officers, employees, creditors, consumers, the community and the environment.



All businesses use contracts or agreements in some form or another, such as contracts of employment, service contracts, severance agreements and buy/sell agreements. At Johnson Law, we will assist you in drafting and negotiating all of your business contracts. (See Contracts below.)


Cyber Law

The term “cyber law” refers to a growing area of law governing legal issues related to the use of the Internet. With respect to business law, cyber law usually includes such issues as cybersquatting, online or digital piracy, trademark and copyright infringement, etc. At Johnson Law, we will assist you with many of your cyber law issues, such as protecting your websites and other online property, defending against cyber piracy and trademark infringement, and providing legal representation when your company is accused of engaging in such infringement. (See also Intellectual Property below.


Intellectual Property

intellectual property (IP) generally refers to the bodies of law governing copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. (See Intellectual Property below).


Employment Law

The term “employment law” generally refers to the bodies of law governing employment contracts, minimum wages, working time, health and safety, overtime, discrimination, harassment, unfair termination and other workplace issues. (See Employment Law below.)


Land Use

Land use is technically a subset of real estate law, and generally refers to the bodies of law governing the use of land, including regulations, zoning, environmental issues, private covenants and other restrictions. (See Real Estate Law below).


Real Estate

Real estate law refers to the laws governing legal rights and responsibilities with respect to land, including landlord-tenant disputes, mortgages, boundary disputes, etc. Since most businesses use land in some way or another (e.g. office space, retail space, event space), knowledge of real estate law is critical to effectively representing many business clients. At Johnson Law, we have expertise in real estate law, and will assist you with many of your business needs and concerns with respect to real estate. (See Real Estate Law below.)


Restaurant & Bar Law

Those within the restaurant/bar industry face an extensive array of laws and regulations, including commercial real estate transactions, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) laws, city and county permits and zoning regulations, and the acquisition of liquor licenses. At Johnson Law, we pride ourselves on specializing in the niche area of restaurant/bar law, and are extensively involved within the Los Angeles restaurant & bar scene. We assist both large and small business owners in all aspects of operating a restaurant or bar, from drafting the initial business plans, to locating and acquiring commercial space, to acquiring a liquor license, to navigating the labyrinth of the various city and county zoning laws and regulations. If you are in the restaurant or bar industry and need legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. (See our Blog and Join our Newsletter for detailed restaurant & bar information.)


Startup Companies

Starting a business involves a vast array of legal issues, including choosing how to form the business entity, leasing commercial or office space, acquiring various licenses, business planning, etc. At Johnson Law, we will assist you with all aspects of starting your company, from selecting the most advantageous form of business to creating a comprehensive business plan. Please contact us if you are interested in starting a company.